Femininity Day

04 Mar, 2006
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Sensual Body Painting, Dance and Refinement

Color Shin Sensual Body Painting, Dance and Refinement as the Raelians celebrate their second annual Femininity Day
On Sunday, March 5th, at 2pm on Lincoln Road and Euclid Avenue, the Miami Raelian women and men will celebrate the second annual year of “International Femininity Day” as designed by RAEL himself to emphasize the crucial importance of feminine values for peace. Live sensual body painting, street performances and dance will illustrate our desire to promote femininity, refinement, beauty and sensuality, in correlation with celebrating this, the year of the artist. It is not by coincidence that this celebration coincides with National Women's Day, in that “Femininity Day” is and should be the next logical progression. “Feminists have copied male shortcomings. It’s as if a genius like Einstein, under the pretense of equality, should lower himself to the fools’ level.” – RAEL