We have to prepare Humanity

13 Apr, 2006
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Despite what they say of us

Rl Aussie Seminar RnOn the First Sunday of April, after the baptism of 12 new Raelians near Brisbane, Australia, the Prophet Rael concluded the Australian seminar with a few words that we share here, taken from notes.
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“Remember that the Elohim love you. They love you because you are special, because you use your consciousness. They only love the Human Beings who are using their consciousness.
The teachings of the Elohim destroy discrimination and make us love every human beings, every living consciousness, whatever its forms, its shapes.
We have to prepare Humanity to welcome beings who will be different from the human beings. There are so many different kinds of conscious beings in the Universe. I prefer to be with a conscious spider rather than with a human being like Hitler.
Only the people who are full of love can survive.