Official Raelian contact with the Ambassadors of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra

22 Feb, 2006
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Australian Aboriginals officially invite the Prophet Rael

Pete Rn Peter Heaven, an Australian Raelian guide is reporting some actions he lead in Canberra a few weeks ago.
You may also listen to him on our radio at

A significant and monumental moment has been experienced by the seven Raelians who embarked on a journey to the nation’s capital to support our indigenous sisters and brothers on the 26th January, a date that is etched firmly into the minds of all the Aboriginal people of this land.
This day is proudly call "Australia Day" by the government and the majority of the population, all of whom live in either a state of denial or ignorance concerning the true significance of this day and the dark history it represents for our indigenous brethren. This date bears whiteness to the beginning of a bloody and ruthless take over of this land by the British colonizers and marks the commencement of a continuation of serious humane right’s abuses including attempted genocide of the Aboriginal people. To begin to list the long and deplorable record of crimes perpetrated against these beautiful people by both "State and Church" in detail could test ones harmony, but let me say that history will remember and one day soon the truth will emerge and the global family will be shocked at the deliberate brutality and intensity of crimes committed.