Dr John Sanford New Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement

27 Aug, 2006
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The Primary Axiom of Evolution is false

Sanford Gene Gun Following the publication of his latest book, Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome, Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement has named Dr. John Sanford an Honorary Priest – a guide for humanity – for his brilliant and courageous way to illustrate that the very foundation of evolutionary premise, the "Primary Axiom", is false.

In addition to showing compelling theoretical evidence that whole genomes cannot evolve upward, Dr. Sanford presents strong evidence that higher genomes must in fact degenerate over time.

Dr. Sanford’s compelling research also shows that there are a growing number of scientists who are finding the courage to speak up against the “elated high priests of the scientific community” who support the theory of evolution despite the overwhelming volumes of evidence against it.

Here is how he described the genesis of his book…. Something we, Raelians, can relate to 

In retrospect, I realize that I have wasted so much of my life arguing about things that don’t really matter. It is my sincere hope that this book can actually address something that really does matter. The issue of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going seem to me to be of enormous importance. This is the real subject of this book…

Modern Darwinism is built on what I will be calling “The Primary Axiom”. The Primary Axiom is that man is merely the product of random mutations plus natural selection. Within our society’s academia, the Primary Axiom is universally taught, and almost universally accepted. It is the constantly mouthed mantra, repeated endlessly on every college campus. It is very difficult to find any professor on any college campus who would even consider (or should I say – dare) to question the Primary Axiom….

Late in my career, I did something which for a Cornell professor would seem unthinkable. I began to question the Primary Axiom. I did this with great fear and trepidation. By doing this, I knew I would be at odds with the most “sacred cow” of modern academia. Among other things, it might even result in my expulsion from the academic world.