Paradism, the end of capitalism thanks to robotics

23 Jul, 2012
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China's robotics industry still lags that in other countries.

China's robotics industry still lags that in other countries. In Japan, for example, there are 306 robots working per 10,000 people while in China there are currently only 15. However as wages are rising in China, squeezing the profits of many manufacturers, we can see a boom in the robotics industry. According to the International Federation of Robotics, China is the fastest growing market in robotics, and by 2014 it will top the global market.

Rael commented: “Soon no workers at all will be required in totally automatized corporations. There will even be computers selling their products over the internet. Then we will reach a level where huge capitalists can create companies making and selling products without any human workforce. The only problem is that if thanks to this great technology there is no more job, then there is no more salaries, then nobody will have the money to buy any product. The only way out is Paradism, where these new technologies are used without any workforce or any money, then the products are distributed freely to all Human beings. It is the end of capitalism.