Bolivia should suspend diplomatic relations with US

08 Jul, 2013


Rael in support of Bolivian President whose plane was denied some European airpspace

Rael offered his full support to Bolivia President Evo Morales whose official plane was banned from European airspace last week. He was also pleased to see four other South American leaders offering him support shortly after the incident.

The Bolivian official plane was forced to land in Austria after France, Portugal, Italy and Spain barred it from flying through their airspace. Some news media reported that there were suspicions that US fugitive Edward Snowden was on board which prompted a search of the plane in Austria.

The Bolivian President blamed the US government for pressuring European countries into refusing him passage and threatened to close the US embassy.

Rael not only encouraged Evo Morales to close the US embassy but he also suggested that “all South American countries and other free countries suspend their diplomatic relations with all the countries which didn't let Bolivia head of state fly over their territory”. He said that this should apply also to “Austria who dared request to search the airplane in a flagrant violation of International law.”