Maitreya Rael: ‘Only maximum responsibilization can save the world!’

14 Oct, 2017
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We all have a personal role to play avoiding a catastrophic event.

Following the recent developments between the US and North Korea, the Raelian Movement would like to urge all men who are actively involved in the preparation of this possible nuclear war to be aware of their personal role in this potentially catastrophic event.

One of the key values of the Raelian philosophy, as described in the book Intelligent Design, is the awareness of being responsible for ones actions. In this revolutionary book Maitreya Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, reminds us that “each of us is totally responsible for everything that we do to others even if we are ordered to do so. No cause could ever justify inflicting pain or death on a non-violent person, and even if the survival of humanity depended on it, this would not justify an exception. Even more so if it means the survival of one’s country, or rather a frontier arbitrarily traced on a globe which belongs to all men.”

The importance of responsibility was already demonstrated by a famous social psychological experiment performed by professor Stanley Milgram. One of the conclusions of his work is that “when individuals are placed in a position of hierarchical control, the mechanisms which ordinarily assure the regulation of the individual’s actions cease functioning, and his actions become controlled by the people occupying the senior position.”

Maitreya Rael is especially concerned about the abuse of such mechanisms by people who wish to manipulate the population in a process called maximum “deresponsibilization”. Based on this principle, ordinary people who simply do their job, could become agents in a terribly destructive process.

In his book Maitreya Rael asks all men of the Earth: “Don’t let your morality be hijacked. Refuse to obey any hierarchy that seeks to make you perform actions to which you would not like to be held responsible. It would be much better to die for having refused to kill than to kill under the pretext of obeying orders. He who executes these monstrous orders is in fact more responsible than he who has given them. Don't make the same mistake as the nazi Germans, or the French military officers in Algeria who believed they were working for a “greater” good. All these people have committed crimes against humanity in clear conscience and good faith. It would be much too easy to claim that it is only their duty to execute orders and that only their superiors can be held accountable for their actions!” (download Rael’s books for free on :

To strengthen the process of maximum responsibilization, Maitreya Rael proposes in his book to reveal the identities of all people who have the power when obeying orders to launch nuclear missiles capable of destroying cities in a few seconds. These people should be made aware that in the case of utilisation of any such missiles, they would be judged along those who gave the orders, in a similar way as the Nuremberg trials.

Maitreya Rael forcefully reminds us that for saving humanity it is essential that all men of the Earth are very vigilant and should not accomplish the slightest action without asking themselves whether it is in contradiction to their deep sense of respect for the human being.

By Dennis Van Dorp, Raelian Guide