The Eye of Cain

08 Nov, 2023
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The Eye of Cain

The Eye of Cain

With what is happening in the world, some Raelians are wondering if they have the moral right to participate in a Happiness Academy. Spreading happiness while atomic bombs multiply every day and Palestinian children are being massacred in a terrible genocide, seems shocking to them.

The truth is that the only way to save Humanity is Love. But Love is only possible among people who are happy and who spread happiness. When we are unhappy, we can become aggressive, and from aggression to violence, there is but one step. The more unhappy we are, the more we are going to become aggressive and therefore violent. The destruction of humanity can only be caused by unhappy people, just like the Palestinian genocide. And each violent action increases the guilt and therefore the lack of happiness of those responsible, in a vicious circle, which means that each violent action will generate more unhappiness and thus more violence.

The Israelis are the unhappiest people in the world, and that's why they are the most violent. They are intrinsically unhappy because they know deep down within themselves, despite the lies of their politicians and media, that they have stolen the lands and homes of the Palestinians, which goes against the very foundations of their religion, whose most beautiful values are: "Thou shalt not kill," and "Love thy neighbor as thyself." A religion that teaches them that they are the "chosen people", but chosen not to dominate others, but to promote throughout the world this absolute value of not killing and of spreading love. With a law that eliminates any temptation to dominate, perhaps the most beautiful law of the Hebrew texts is: that they are forbidden to create a state or a nation! Therefore, Zionism is fundamentally anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish.

This lack of happiness, due to the feeling of guilt of having committed genocides and pillaging, can be found in all "civilizations" that have built their power and wealth on the domination and suffering of "others." That has been the case for almost all European nations in their colonial madness, which Asians rightly call the "white catastrophe." North and South America with the genocide of local populations, Asia which still bears the scars of these crimes, Australia, etc... In short, the whole planet has been ravaged by this sense of racial superiority of the white Europeans and their impunity in what Americans call exceptionalism. Which basically means that International Law must apply to everyone except themselves. The same suffering that Israelis endure where their crimes drive them to unhappiness and ever-increasing violence, was also experienced by colonialists in Africa, America, and all over the world, pushing them into this vicious circle, inevitably leading to genocides.

And everywhere, the justification of racial superiority is inevitable. In the context of a new world war that can only be nuclear, there is no doubt that all parties will justify their launching of missiles by claiming racial superiority. It is precisely this idea of racial superiority that can lead to the destruction of Humanity.

The only solution for saving Humanity is therefore Love. And this love can only be unconditional, like all true love. And it can only be generated by happiness, which, in a positive virtuous circle, automatically brings more happiness and therefore more love.

That is why when atomic bombs and genocides accumulate, it is more important than ever to meditate for Peace and participate in the Happiness Academies. Only the spreading of happiness and love can save Humanity!

The mistake would be to stay at home to weep at the tragedies of the world, in a false sense of justification, which does not prevent them in any way, and to try to make those who participate in the Happiness Academies feel guilty, claiming that it would be selfish to focus on happiness when so many people are suffering. It is precisely to stop this suffering that we MUST spread and develop happiness. Happiness is the only solution to save Humanity because it brings Love.

That is also why we must stop indulging in images of bloody children and spread more beauty, art, and Happiness.