Six More Wrongly Imprisoned at Guantanamo (RAEL's comment)

01 Nov, 2008
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Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes

The Prophet Rael commented today on yet another terrible injustice committed by George Bush.

The latest scandal reeks of familiarity...

The charges brought by the Bush Administration against six Algerian men for plotting to bomb the US embassy in Sarajevo in 2001 have finally been dropped nearly seven years later. So now add six more innocent men to the growing list of abused Guantanamo “detainees”.

Rael said “…this is yet another crime of George Bush who should be prosecuted for war crimes as soon as possible. And these people should get a good US attorney and ask for millions of dollars for their years of terrible suffering in prison.”

These six men were Arab-born (surprise, surprise) but that all had Bosnian citizenship or residency. They had also already been acquitted 7 years ago in a Sarajevo court but the US insisted they be handed over regardless, even threatening to pull its peacekeeping forces from Bosnia if authorities did not comply. If the US had withdrawn peacekeeping troops as it threatened, it would have been backing out of the Dayton accord which the US itself had negotiated. This would have likely caused great strife in the area. The US shackled and blindfolded the innocent men and transported them to Guantanamo. All in the name of the war on terror.