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12 Jan, 2003
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Interview given to the New Tork Times

Obp Korea 57 I know you are from the fashion department and I was so happy when you contacted me because here on this planet, we (raelians) have big struggles, such as like for peace, non violence, but there are also small fights and one of them is fashion. I think there are links between all the subjects in the world, between the big subjects like peace, non violence, and smaller ones like fashion, the terrible human fashion, the politically correct fashion.
What I mean is that in the whole history of humanity, men have been wearing elegantly designed clothes, remember how the aristocrats were dressed, in the 14th century up to the 17th century. But suddenly appeared the suit and the neck tie. You can say it is ok, but for a short period of time. However it has been now for 1 century that men have been so ugly dressed with productivity clothes. It came with industrialization, with democracy, all these kind of ideas among which some are good. But then everybody wanted to look the same. It was supposed to be progress, but to have everybody looking the same is not progress. It is the opposite. Everybody must be different.
Equal rights do not mean equal dressing. They mixed everything : if everyone has the same right then everyone has to wear the same ugly grey suit. This is the beginning of the problem that influences the whole world. Worst political systems do that, everybody must be the same, like in communism, and then come with it the politically correct, the religiously correct, the philosophically correct and the fashionnably correct. Women are a little bit protected because they always had fashion and very beautiful dresses but for menDuring centuries fashion changed and all of a sudden, it has been frozen. I think we need to escape this situation.
When you wear the same thing, you start to think the same. It kills so much creativity. There is a link between fashion and creativity, fashion and revolutionary minds. Many fashion designers like Carl Lagerfeld and Versace brought a revolution in beauty for men. Part of the philosophy I teach is to be yourself whatever everybody else
thinks , as long as you are nonviolent. Other philosophical groups try to make every one look the same. My goal at the seminars is that after one week, when they leave, they are more different than before. For 30 years I have been telling them be yourself, wear what you like, use colors. And one day I realised I myself was trapped in my dark clothes and I decided to change. I drew my outfit myself, I wanted it to represent spirituality, space, the future, but most of all to be comfortable. I was criticized a lot. I change the fabrics but not the design because I haven't found a better one. The Elohim have a one piece green suite that covers everything when they travel. I don't know how they put it on their skin. But on their planet, they are naked. They control the climate of their planet, it rains at night only, and days are all beautiful. They wear clothes only for beauty. Wearing clothes for any other reason would be considered stupid.

Is the color white link to the purity of the messages?

No, people associate white and purity so yes, but white is not more pure than black, ask my friend here from Africa! This is stupid, black and white are neutral colors. I choose white because it reflects light and the symbol is more easily seen. No, there is no link between white and pure, but for normal people Yes , so yes.
I see myself a little bit like a virus and I play to contaminate the planet with new ideas, new vision, new philosophy. If you are at the same level as other people, you don't have to go further, so you have to distance yourself in order to lead them in a direction. So did every spiritual leader like Jesus or Buddha.
Education can change everything. People are racist, antigay, antidifferences because of education. Educate people to not only respect but also to encourage others to be as different as possible because the more everybody is different, the more the planet is rich.

My favourite movie

Of course I prefer the ones that raise consciousness. So, Gandhi, of course, Dead Poets Society, Baraka, Bowling for Columbine. Bowling for Columbine should be mandatory viewing in every school. Bush should watch it of course, we would have to slow it down so he would understand. Having a spiritual philosophy doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy every aspect of life, just that you are trying to make it better. I love cooking, but I try to create when I cook. I never follow recipes because recipes are tradition and if you don't explore, you will never discover new tastes.
I love computer games, racing of course but also war games where they kill each other on the screen. Some people say that because of all those violent games, children are becoming more violent. That is absolutely wrong. Sales of videos are going up and crime is going down.
I am against any war. It was one of the saddest things to see these last three weeks, the announcement of Brigitte of the creation of a clone baby shocked everybody, but the fact that the US is ready to kill 500,000 civilians, which they gave the pretty name of collateral damage, shockes nobody! But Ohhh!!! A baby is born! Through cloning! This is I think the
mental illness of humanity misguided by its leaders. And of course I support antiwar protests, not all Americans are in favour of the war, and it is beautifull to see protests everywhere on the street. We, the Raelian Movement, participate to those protests and wear a little white ribbon for peace. The only way to save the earth is by non violence.

The Raelian Movement is a biological technological political philosophical movement. It is everything at the same time because everything and every field is related to politics and spirituality. All traditional religions are against cloning and like a humorist recently said, Rael has really accomplished something, because for the first time, they all agree on one
thing! I think it is so funny because they are so different but all together against it.

We are a religion without god. Like Buddhism. Lary King interviewed the Dalai Lama and was surprised to hear that Buddhism has no god, some people have no god. And the Dalai Lama supports cloning, he says that it has a 'positive karma'. Elohim believe in infinity. They explain they have been created by people from another planet who have been created by people from another planet and so on. We are now in a process of Elohimisation. We will create and our
creation will create as well. An infinity circle. We are very close to Buddhism.The evolution theory and the Big Bang are anthropomorphisms, simply wanting the universe to be like us. It doesn't respect a very fundamental law of the universe, that from nothing, you can create nothing. Where does God come from? It always goes back to infinity. And more important, where does the energy come from? In what is it? The infinitely large and infinitely small.
In your finger you have particles in which there are small universes and the stars we see are in the body of a huge being.
We are made from dust and go back to dust. Without scientific knowledge, nothing happens. But with science, we can save the genetic code, called soul by primitive people, and transfer memory which is why cloning is so important! It is the key!

Advice for humanity?

There are big revolutions like becoming Raelian, or doing a piercing, creating a political party, or leaving the comfort of a secure life to do cloning like Brigitte did, and you have small revolutions like going to your job with a red jacket. Little revolution changes things. To be Raelian is to have a Raelian revolution, to be revolutionary in every aspect of life, and we must fear ever thinking or becoming politically correct, even about something we like. If Raelianism ever becomes the norm, I hope Raelians will change the philosophy a little. If it becomes politically correct and everybody is doing it, then it is dangerous. We are lucky enough to be a minority and it's good. The protection of minorities, of peace , of human rights, is better protected, in fact, they are only protected when you try to be politically incorrect, philosophically incorrect. You can go back as far as you like, with the inquisition, where they burned alive thousands of people. Who? The Catholic Church. It was politically correct to say 'They are witches, lets burn them alive!'
Or,'gays are bad'. When you are politically correct, you don't think by yourself, you conform to what everybody wants. That's why fashion for me is not a superficial matter. Fashion has deep roots to change society. That's why men should stop wearing those ridiculous neckties and 3 piece suits that make them look like George Bush. Wear pink, go with a skirt, why not? I always laugh with my friends that if everybody starts to wear my clothes, I'll go to the seminar in a pink miniskirt. I think it'll be cute.