Spielberg says extraterrestrials likely our friends

10 May, 2005
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The first encounter between them and human beings is going to be friendly

Etspielberg01 Max Steven Spielberg told the Associated Press lately that he expects extraterrestrials to be galactic good Samaritans like E.T. rather than the malevolent marauders of "War of the Worlds and that the first encounter between them and human beings is going to be friendly.
He said "I can't believe anybody would travel such vast distances bent on destruction.

This definitely makes sense as the Prophet Rael often explains in his interviews. Those who have the technology to travel in space and visit other solar systems, other galaxies, have enough knowledge to destroy themselves if they havent reached a level where cultivating peace is more important than owning territories and being right.

This obviously applies to our society as we have the nuclear power to destroy the earth right now, at the same time that we plan on reaching other planets of our solar system. If we do not resolve our inner ire, it is not likely that we will proceed further in the galaxy. According to Rael and our Creators, we have more than 87% chance of destroying ourselves (number also recently confirmed by independent associations). Our world needs more Gandhis to overcome the destruction process and this is why the Intelligent Designers who created us and care for our survival sent us their final message(see downloadable book on www.rael.org)

Hollywood movies are reflecting on our human nature and prefer to show aliens blowing away puny earthlings rather than shaking hands. If they could revert the trend, they would not only help shape a world more fitted for survival but they would also really help us prepare humanity for their arrival J