Atheistic Intelligent Design, a challenging and rational approach

09 May, 2005
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Would the Kansas Board of Education consider it?

Evolutiontheory Kansas is again the centre of a heated debate where scientists are trying to demonstrate that the Genesis creation story is a serious scientific alternative to Darwin theory. In doing so, they accused the evolutionist scientists to have a sort of a blind faith predicating them on a rejection of god as the creator of life on earth. The evolutionists ignore their deist colleagues arguing about their blind faith in an almighty god. And the scientific debate on creationism versus evolution naturally shifts to the existence of god versus the non-existence of god.

Science should be the key. Scientists are given a whole set of information on the complexity of life, the interactions between living entities and the intricate ecosystem, the fossil information, the anthropology studies, genetics and biochemistry. Like Champollion in front of the hieroglyphs, scientists should take the time to decipher what is in front of their eyes, removing blind faith from the equation, whether it is faith in evolution or faith in god.

Is it more likely that life happened by chance or is it more likely that it is the result of an intelligent design? Many scientists went through the available data and opted for the ID option, and then asked themselves who could be the designer(s). Some of them became raelians as they recon other human beings could have done it considering we are about to do it ourselves. However there is no faith involved in the process of finding the intelligent designers, but a mere curiosity and a desire to understand and meet with those who gave us the chance to think, create and blossom. The passionate Kansas debate would certainly benefit from the introduction of this challenging and rational theory that is the Atheistic Intelligent Design.