US Vice President Defends Torture

31 Aug, 2008
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those who electd him are accomplices

CheneyAugust 27, 2008: Dick Cheney, vice president to George W. Bush, again repeated his stance on how he believes the US should be allowed to interrogate prisoners. While he officially decries torture, he supports Bush’s stance on “alternative” methods of interrogation which include practices condemned by the Geneva Convention. The CIA has admitted using at least one such technique called “waterboarding” which simulates drowning and has been declared as a war crime the world over. There are an increasing number of people who believe that Bush and Cheney should be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity in International Courts for using such techniques.

Yet in one of the most hypocritical statements ever made by a politician, Cheney said “No nation in the world takes human rights more seriously than the United States."

The Prophet Rael made a very interesting comment which affects every person in every democratic country. He said “…if Bush and Cheney were up for re-election, anyone who would vote for them knowing their stance on torture would be held accountable as accomplices of torture on "judgment day " as these men are clearly announcing that they support torture even if they call it "alternative" interrogation methods. It is no different than those who voted to elect Adolph Hitler. Those voting for criminals who clearly announce their illegal intentions as elected leaders are de facto accomplices.”

There is even a candidate in the current US election who was himself a victim of torture in Viet Nam for 5.5 years. His name is John McCain and he spoke out loudly against torture and pointed out that any politician who can condone it must have not served in the military because any military man knows this is a terrible practice and must be banned. However, when it came time to really decry torture, he dropped the ball as a voting senator when he failed to vote against the Bush plan which would allow such methods of interrogation. It’s easy to talk but his deciding to support his Party instead of humanity is terrible. For the record, however, the Raelian Movement does not recommend one candidate over another. We only support an entirely new form of government which could be called “Geniocracy”. (see book link on this site) This is a form of democracy which would only allow those in the upper 10% in intellect to be allowed to run for any elected office. Since none of the candidates in the world run on this ticket, we do not support one candidate over another.

Most importantly and back to the main topic; How can someone claiming to be truly Christian find it in their conscience to support any candidate who condones the torturing of another human being? The Christians who reconcile that collateral damage is sometimes necessary rationalize the killing and maiming of tens of thousands of innocent children, mothers and fathers. Do these Christians rrrreally think Jesus would approve? It is a very, very important question to ask yourself if you vote. And - if they deduce that Jesus would really approve (Raelians do not) then these Christians must admit once and for all that Christianity is not the “religion of peace” as they like to claim.

By Ricky Roehr, North American Raelian Leader