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Peruvian President mobilizes its Police to prevent Homosexuals to kiss in public

The Raelian members of ARAMIS, the Raelian association of sexual minorities, offered their support to the "Kisses Against Homophobia" event organized by the Homosexual Movement of Lima who welcomed their noticeable banners stating "A kiss is love, live your freedom" and "A kiss is peace, live your freedom"

Initially the event was meant to take place at the Plaza de Armas of Lima where the Presidential Palace and the Catholic Cathedral of Lima are located, but the Peruvian President Ollanta Humala had ordered the police to close every access to the Plaza de Armas with fences and even with a tank that threw dirty water, so that no lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual or heterosexual supporters (LGBT) could enter, though any other people could!

« That was a clear message of discrimination from President Humala, who initially got votes from the LGBT community for his supposed support to them. » explains the Latin American Aramis leader Erich Rever.

The event gathered a large crowd, including LGBT and heterosexuals supporters who shouted proudly:
"We are not anymore afraid", "Kisses are love","Our rights must be respected like the rights of anybody else". 

As the event kept going with the main entrance still blocked by the police, the Homosexual Movement of Lima succeeded to have an access through another entrance and mobilized everyone there. Once there the police had time to also block that access with fences, but some LGBT people had entered through the police security passing like "normal" civilians and begun kissing on the other side of the fence! It was a victory for the LGBT, but after some minutes the police started to use force to remove them from there.
The LGBT community in the other side pushed the fence to pass through it to prevent any harm from happening to the LGBT members and that prompted the police to bring again the tank that threw pressured dirty water.

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