Zeitgeist wrong, a World Government is the solution

22 Jun, 2008
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Fear of One World Government is Unfounded

Zeitgeist There is an interesting independent movie circulating on the internet by the name of Zeitgeist. At least one of the makers of this film were also involved with a movie we support called “The God who wasn’t there”. (worth watching)
Zeitgeist addresses subject matters that would be considered conspiracy theories by some but cause for alarm by others. A few of the topics covered are banking monopolies, RFID (radio chip implants in order to track people), the New World Order (one single government) and other things like this. The link to one of the YouTube pieces on this is below if you’re interested in things like this.

Rael saw this piece and gave an interesting perspective:
“Contrary to the negative commentary in this film, having a one-world government as explained in the Messages given by the Elohim is the only way to save Humanity. It could be democratically controlled by the people as well as eventually reaching geniocracy." (you can read more about geniocracy in the free download book, Intelligent Design, as well as ordering "Geniocracy" which explains this topic in depth)

Rael went on to say: "A world government is indeed much better than a total destruction through a nuclear world war. Additionally, control of criminals through implanted chips is also good and much better than prisons, especially if these chips can detect the mental sickness which creates violence. What would be terrible is if a world power were to destroy freedom and human rights using these tools. But this is already happening right now in several nations and it’s not necessarily what will happen with a world government, which, if it is controlled by the “people for the people”, can also be a model of freedom with the Declaration of Human Rights as a World Constitution. Not being a criminal and if all the freedoms of Human Rights would be granted, I would be very willing to have this chip implanted in me. And with the United Nations as a supervising authority of this world government it could work very positively. Besides, it’s much better than the current independent nationalistic powers accumulating nuclear weapons, preparing for the self destruction of Humanity and wasting huge amounts of money for national armies while children are starving and lacking education. The future is clearly more beautiful with a world government, a world currency, and a world language, which, when implemented all together will bring eternal world peace."

video link:

video link