Vatican okays belief in Extraterrestrials

17 May, 2008
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We finally agree on something


Finally – something which the Raelian Movement and the Vatican agree on– the possibility that life exists somewhere other than Earth. ;-)

For a couple of decades and little known to most of the world, the Vatican has owned one of the world’s most powerful telescopes. About 10 years ago, many people were starting to wonder why. The Vatican released a similar statement several years ago about the possibility of life on other planets but for some reason said it again this week: The Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, the Jesuit director of the Vatican Observatory, said “the vastness of the universe means it is possible there could be other forms of life outside Earth, even intelligent ones.”

Gee, ya think? Sorry….hehe…it’s just so funny to see them trying to backpedal simply because they have to. They have claimed a monopoly on the truth for centuries. Every time science starts to prove their teachings wrong, they have always tried to either suppress the discovery of that truth, or, morph into something else, saying “we knew it all along”. It only took them 500 years this time. ;-) Their only alternative is to lose even more credibility in this age of science and reason. They would surely lose even more members than they already are losing. Christian membership on the whole is dropping at a rapid rate thanks to science which removes one mystery of life after another and promotes secular thinking. This is why the Vatican and other Christian leaders have always been against scientific progress. So, since they can no longer ignore the mountains of scientific discovery which proves their past teachings as inaccurate, they now morph into something different – in this case by stating that the idea of extraterrestrials doesn't contradict their faith because aliens would still be God's creatures.

Rael pointed out: “Without any doubt, when The Elohim arrive at the Embassy, fanatical God believers will claim that their "god" also created the Elohim.” If you are reading this, you’ve also probably read some of the many articles on this site which explain who The Elohim are. If you’re not up to speed on this, we invite you to download RAEL’s book for free here, Intelligent Design. (hint, the answer is in the first chapter…heehee)

The world should never forget that it was the Catholic Church who burned Giordano Bruno alive for stating it was possible that there were other planets and even life on those planets more than 400 years ago. And we can be sure that if the Vatican had the same power now that it wielded then, there would be no reason for them to release their statement this month because anyone who disagreed with them would have been eliminated long ago. They would have succeeded in banning the telescope and all free, secular thought. Heck, the last Pope would have died 15 years before he did if not for scientific advance – which all of his predecessors were against!

It was thanks to incredibly courageous people like Giordano Bruno, Copernicus, Galileo, Martin Luther and many others that reason, science and education eventually turned the tables on the stranglehold the Vatican once had on western society. In fact, this is something today’s “religious right” should remember – that it was thanks to yesterday’s “dangerous radical left wing” from centuries past that they have the luxury to believe as they like today. 400 years ago, today’s fundamental Christians would have been forced to remain loyal to the Catholic Church. Left wing thinkers paved the way for today’s religious right.

It was a terrible betrayal of Jesus’ message to kill Giordano Bruno or anyone. But as human intellect (science) has removed one “mystery of life” after another, those who continue to defend ancient scriptures written by primitive men trembling in fear actually end up betraying even more because they betray the true Creators of Humanity, the Elohim. The welfare of these institutions (churches) has taken the upper hand to the fundamental reason religions were originally created by The Elohim which were to lead Humanity with love and compassion in preparation of the great age we entered only a few decades ago – the Age of Apocalypse. It needs to be clarified that “Apocalypse” does not mean the end of the world as most Western Religion would like to scare us into believing. It means something much, much more beautiful. It means “to reveal”. And in this case, it’s the most wonderful revelation – the truth of Humanity’s origins. :-) This is something for which humanity has waited for thousands of years, and it is the truth which can only be understood by scientifically advanced people.

Science brings understanding. Religion brings belief. Science and reason continue to progress. This is why the Elohim, Humanity’s true Creators, have come to us only recently (in 1973) to explain to their creation that there is no God, but that They created us. They know that we can stop believing – and start to understand now – if we choose to. :-)

Ricky Roehr