UK Government Conspiracy to Cover Up Pedophilia

05 Mar, 2012
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UK Cabinet Admits To Have Blocked Lawsuit Against Pope


UK Cabinet Admits To Have Blocked Lawsuit Against Pope
The International Raelian Movement ( says they have a letter from the UK Cabinet which proves that the UK Cabinet is complicit in crimes of pedophilia as well as Crimes Against Humanity. All this stems from a lawsuit the Movement filed against the Pope during his visit to the UK in September 2010, alleging covering up pedophilia within the church as well as Crimes Against Humanity for the Vatican's telling millions of Africans that condoms do not stop the transmission of AIDS. They deduce the Vatican is responsible for millions of deaths in Africa as a result.

Ricky Roehr, Raelian Bishop who helped put together the initial lawsuit against the Pope said "We filed this lawsuit in 2010 trusting the UK Courts would treat this case fairly. We were encouraged when the lawsuit was accepted. Then, mysteriously, the case was stayed, preventing service on the Pope while he was in the UK. The lawsuit was then eventually dismissed, even though it had initially been reviewed by a judge."
The Raelian Movement is known for its sharp criticism against Vatican Policy and was even sued by the Vatican in Belgium for the actions of an offshoot organization NOPEDO ( which publically reported on pedophilia within the Church.

Roehr continued "The UK cabinet has now partnered with the world's largest protector of pedophiles and promoter of spreading AIDS merely for political expediency. Children and AIDS victims suffer so the UK Cabinet could bask in the Papal pageantry. Through Freedom Of Information requests with the UK, we learned that the UK Cabinet had formulated a policy to prevent “legal threats” against the Pope during his visit to the UK. When asked why, the UK Cabinet denied the request on the basis that it 'involved the highest levels of the UK government including privileged discussions among government Ministers.' Privileged discussions? What privilege could protect pedophiles? This means that the UK government is protecting the Pope - who was formerly in charge of dealing with the rampant cases of pedophilia under Pope John Paul II reign - and who was most certainly in the 'privileged' position to have buried thousands of cases of pedophilia so as to avoid $billions and embarrassment to the Catholic Church. Protecting a criminal over the rights of children and is detestable. The UK Government is complicit in criminal activity just as anyone who conspires to keep justice from being carried out. Furthermore, the English press, which we now know was rotten to the core after the revelations of the Murdoch-News of the World scandal, apparently cooperated in this travesty."

The Raelian Movement says it will continue to appeal.