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Open letter to the board of Sydney Mardi Gras

Open letter to Michael Rolik, CEO and the Board of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, by Luke Roberts, aka Pope Alice, Raelian Guide and member of the ARAMIS association

1 Minute for Peace in Mexico City

Frank Caballero, Guide for Mexico City, reports:

Raelians support Hindu child persecuted for drawing swastika in a New Jersey elementary school

After an 8-year-old child of Hindu heritage who drew a swastika as part of a third grade holiday assignment in an Old Bridge Township elementary school was subjected to traumatic reprimand and racial bias counseling without parental approval, the International Raelian Movement (IRM), which includes a swastika in its most sacred symbol, today issued a statement supporting the child and the child’s parents as well as upholding use of the symbol itself.

The Embassy project presented in the US Virgin Islands

Gabriel and his assistant Victor recently visited the US Virgin Islands to launch the Raelian Movement there.

1 Minute for Peace in Mexico

Frank Caballero, Guide of Mexico City, tells us about the most recent "1 minute for peace' action in Morelia, Michoacán:

RAEL applauds conclusion of UK Home Affairs committee on drug policy

Following its year-long inquiry into drugs policy, the Commons Home Affairs Committee concluded that efforts to combat the drug barons had failed and called for the UK Government to consider the possibility of legalizing and regulating the use of drugs.

Raelians denounce San Francisco's ban on nudity

The city of San Francisco recently passed a ban on public nudity.

1 Minute for Peace in Nepal

Upendra Singh, National Guide for Nepal, tells us about the recent 1 Minute for Peace campaign there:

The Jamaican Raelian Movement is born!

Riki Kline, leader of the Jamaican Raelian Movement, tells us about his recent trip there:

Rael supports Argentinian decision to lower voting age to 16

After Argentinian lawmakers decided to lower Argentina's voting age to 16, Rael sent his congratulations to the Argentinian government, calling the new law "a great decision that should be applied worldwide."