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‘God is a Myth!’ Raelian Movement launches atheistic campaign

The International Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) has just launched the next phase of its atheistic campaign by purchasing very high profile billboard space on the busy I-15 southbound freeway in Las Vegas.

Kai Hansen gets the Message

February 1st, 2011 is a date I will never forget!

Rael supports Chinese government position on Zimbabwe

According to published news reports, Yang Jiechi, China’s foreign minister, has asked for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Work suits on the way out, a wonderful trend

A recent poll of British workers has shown that dress codes are becoming increasingly old-fashioned.

Rael condemns Rabbi who says 'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring'

According to a recent article published here http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0%2C7340%2CL-4006385%2C00.html a senior authority on Jewish law in the Religious Zionism movement, Rabbi Dov Lior, said that a Jewish woman should never get pregnant using sperm donated by a non-Jewish man – even if it is the last option available.

Daphnia pulex, the water flea, another proof that there is no evolution.

A recent article by a team of Indiana University published on the Magazine 'Science' describes how the 1mm long water flea has 31,000 genes in her genome while human beings seem to have only 23,000.

UFO over Jerusalem: Another attempt by Elohim to awaken the chosen people

On January 28, 2011 at 1 AM, according to several witnesses who shot videos of the event, a UFO orb appeared over the Mount Zion and the Dome of the Rock-Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Clitoraid at 2011 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas

January 5th, through January 9, 2011 found the Las Vegas Clitoraid Team smack down in the middle of the action at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), Las Vegas which took place at the Sands Expo Center just off the strip.

The Raelian Movement files its case v. Switzerland at the High Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights

On March 29th 2001, the police department of Neuchatel refused to the Swiss Raelian movement the authorization to put posters from April 2th to April 13th 2001 on the public locations reserved for associations, on the ground that these “posters are threatening morals“.

Over Two Million Children Home-schooled in the US

A study released a few days ago by the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) estimates that there were over 2 million children being home-schooled in the United States in 2010.