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French Raelian leader declares hunger strike to protest discrimination against minorities in France.

Civil servant of FT/Orange now three days without food in front of Moselle Prefecture

Rael talks about the nuclear crisis in Japan

On the first Sunday of April, Maitreya Rael talked to the Japanese Raelians who came to Okinawa to celebrate with him the 'Creation of Life' as all Raelians did around the world on that day.

1st Sunday of April celebration in Las Vegas

April 3, 2011 was a beautiful day at Spring Mountain State Park in Las Vegas Nevada!

Rael: ‘The billions wasted in Libya would be more useful in Japan!’

In a statement released today, Rael had harsh words for those making war in Libya.

New Clitoraid patient receives surgery on March 10

Yesterday, in San Francisco, CA, as the world celebrated the 100th

Northwestern University "Sex Professor" Michael Bailey Awarded Honorary Guide Title by Rael

Following the controversial sex toy demonstration in his classroom that prompted complaints and reprimands for the Northwestern University psychology Professor Michael Bailey, Rael decided to award Bailey the title of "Honorary Guide of Humanity".

Clitoraid Fundraiser: A “Passion Party” at Michele's!

To celebrate Black History Month (February), and the “International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation” (February 6th) as declared by United Nations, I decided to get some girlfriends together for a party.

Pope Forgiving the Jews, who should forgive whom?

Pope Benedict XVI has exonerated the Jewish people over the death of Jesus Christ in a new book, Jesus of Nazareth, published today.

Clitoraid-Loyola University; Vagina Monologues production 02262011

The Chicago team represented Clitoraid for three evenings at the 2011 production of the Vagina Monologues at Loyola University.

No governments needed, humanity’s future is cooperation

“This planet is sick, with countries treating each other badly and governments treating people badly, and it’s that way everywhere,” Rael said in a speech on Sunday February 20th.