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Raelians at Chicago Gay Pride Parade

The Chicago Raelians joined the local gay pride to promote ARAMIS, the Raelian Association of Sexual Minorities.

Rael commends German court ruling circumcision as 'bodily harm'

Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, commends the ruling by a court in Germany that circumcising young boys for religious reasons amounts to bodily harm.

A successful 3rd Swastika Rehabilitation Day

A display of swastikas around the western world on June 23rd, triggered a mixture of reactions.

Montreal Raelians support the Youth Revolution

This past May 22nd, more than 300 thousand people took to the streets of Montreal to support the hundreds of thousands of students currently on strike, and to protest against the preposterous decisions made by the Government of Quebec.

Clitoraid at Exxxotica in Miami

We got our CLITORAID booth for the 5th consecutive year at the EXXXOTICA 2012 held in the hip area of South Beach.

NATO summit protest

The Chicago Raelians joined the NATO summit protest promoting Paradism, a new political system envisioning a world without work or money where the world's resources are shared by everybody.

How to activate your happiness center

This is what Rael has been teaching for the past 38 years: Happiness is a decision and you can activate your happiness center at will through meditation.

Rael in support of Brics Union

The fourth annual gathering of the world's fastest-growing economic powers – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – also called the BRICS, was held in New Delhi at the end of March during which the representatives of these countries proposed the creation of a joint development bank and discussed a greater stock market co-operation.

Anti-war protest in Las Vegas

A few hundred Raelians who were in Las Vegas for the North American Happiness Academy staged an anti-war protest on the "Strip".

Raelian Movement strongly opposes spreading of Fukushima debris

After Japan Prime Minister's plea to have local government authorities across Japan to accept tons of debris from Fukushima for disposal, Maitreya Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement, commented saying that it is a “very stupid idea to spread radio active debris all over Japan”