Smoke signals, a modern communication tool?

19 Apr, 2005
 None    Science

Media are so happy to report it at length


During the past few days, reporters have been explaining at length the process of a pope election, giving emphasis on the �elaborated� communication technique where the ballot papers are burned in a stove after every vote and chemicals are added to color the smoke, giving a black or white signal to tell the world whether the 115 cardinals have agreed on a candidate or not. This is a perfect illustration of the status of the old catholic church that has been slowing down science and technology for centuries.
The Prophet Rael declared today : So...the Vatican still doesn't know electricity, radio, speakers and telephone to inform the world about the papal election ? Smoke signals...and these are the same people who were making fun of American natives communicating this way...Come on : we are in 2005 ! And you are still polluting the earth with smoke?