Official Raelian contact with the Ambassadors of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra

Australian Aboriginals officially invite the Prophet Rael

Ayaan Hirsi Ali new Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement.

A strong advocate of the freedom of Muslim women

The Prophet Rael in Africa

For The African Seminars

France violated Human Rights according to European Court

Hope for Religious minorities in France

Brian Haw awarded Honorary Guide Title

This man is a model for the whole of Humanity

Peace Mum, Honorary Guide

For her actions for peace and non-violence

Michel Houellebecq new Honorary Guide

Very proud and very happy of this nomination

Summer Raelian seminars

A glimpse of the Raelian philosophy..

Nicholas Negroponte new Honorary Guide

For his contribution to advancement of poor countries' education

The Raelian Movement Names Rosie O Donnell as an Honorary Guide

Rael said: "I would be honored to perform the wedding ceremony for Miss O'Donnell