Journalist John Richard Pilger Named Honorary Guide of Humanity

Rael has just named journalist John Richard Pilger Honorary Guide of Humanity.

Rael Names Minister Farrakhan Honorary Guide of Humanity

Following his recent Press Conference at the UN Plaza Hotel in New York where he exposed the U.S.

World Swastika Rehabilitation Day on June 26

World Swastika Rehabilitation Day (WOSRED) will be celebrated on June 26 through marches and informative events worldwide.

Rael talks about the nuclear crisis in Japan

On the first Sunday of April, Maitreya Rael talked to the Japanese Raelians who came to Okinawa to celebrate with him the 'Creation of Life' as all Raelians did around the world on that day.

Rael awards title of Honorary Guide of Humanity to Julian Assange

Rael has awarded the title of Honorary Guide to Julian Assange, founder and leader of Wikileaks.

About believing and spirituality

In this season of strange beliefs, here are a few words of Rael taken from notes while he was explaining some aspects of the Raelian philosophy...

Jailed Raelian leader receives overwhelming public support in Turkish news poll

An overwhelming majority (98.3 percent) of the nearly 500,000 people who cast votes in a poll taken by the Turkish daily newspaper Hürriyet said that Raelian leader Negar Azizmoradi, 30, an Iranian woman presently confined to an Istanbul detention center, should not be returned to Iran.

Michael Jackson, a Raelian Honorary Guide, has probably been cloned by now

Like fans worldwide, Raelians have mourned the death of Michael Jackson, who in 1992 was one of the first individuals to be named Raelian Honorary Guide for his actions promoting world peace.

Rael receives an ultimate message for the Jewish people

You must be both Zionist and Palestinian

Jacques Fresco Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement

For a life dedicated to the betterment of Humanity