How far does media madness go: the accusation of sexual slavery. The ultimate safeguard for truth: accountability

As the new series broadcast worldwide on Rael ranks number one among watched series and the media frenzy picks up, it is important to recall the facts and the truth about certain points mentioned.

The Eye of Cain

The Eye of Cain

Maitreya Rael: ‘Only maximum responsibilization can save the world!’

We all have a personal role to play avoiding a catastrophic event.

Rael encourages all countries to get atomic weapons

Rael explains that in a world ruled by barbaric Western powers that apply the Law of the Jungle, weaker countries must become as strong as them and get atomic weapons to balance their bullying attitudes

Independence Day: Why so much hate?

Worldwide raelian protests against the anti-ETs rhetoric movie ‘Independence Day the Resurgence’. An extra-terrestrial civilization is willing to meet us peacefully.

Elohimleak #8: The 60 richest people on Earth are now secretly building an underground complex ...

Rael, Spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, has just released a new ' Elohim leak', a statement received from the Elohim, the advanced scientists who created life on Earth and who have been taken for gods for millennia.

Raelian Celebration of the creation of life and of its diversity

The first Sunday of April is one of the main four celebrations organized by the Raelian Movement throughout the year.

Rael denounces censorship on Jewish Fanaticism

“Why would Western media always criticize the fate of Muslim women but never the one of Jewish women?