Raelians Offer Full Frontal Support

21 Feb, 2005
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Nudity laws are as archaic as the flat earth!

Marina June 58 The city of Boise, Idaho passed a law in 2001 that forbids complete nudity in public unless the display has "serious artistic merit". A US strip club has managed to sidestep laws banning total nudity in public by offering customers the chance to make drawings depicting its dancers. The club charges $15 for a sketch pad, a pencil and a dance performance very clever!

Rael and the more than 60,000 members of the Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) are supporting the clever way in which Chris Teague sidestepped nudity laws and hope that others will follow. *

Ricky Roehr, leader of the US Raelian Movement released this official comment: " 'Nude art' clubs are a great way for the US to start to recover from the psychological and physiological damage done by centuries of beliefs handed down by kings and clergy who knew very well that sexuality is the biggest part of what a human being is and by controlling a person's sexuality you control their thought. Sexuality does not condemn one to hell - on the contrary it frees one from a living hell! Stifling sexuality is as foolish as gouging one's eyes out in order to not receive pleasure from seeing a beautiful sunset - and there is nothing more natural or beautiful than nudity.
These emotional bombs have been handed down for hundreds of years and cause a terrible imbalance in peoples' minds - beliefs that came from religions who killed people for saying the world was round, who denied women or blacks had souls, enslaved both etc. We are ALL born naked and children feel no shame in their nudity until they are programmed otherwise. Suppression of nudity and sexuality causes a huge amount of the violence on this planet. Science is proving this so should be taken more seriously than antiquated religious teachings. One does not have to look far to see that the politicians with the most religious-based sexual "hang-ups" are the ones most prone to violence and is further evidenced by the sheer numbers of pedophile priests - these poor men who are brainwashed into believing that sex is bad, dirty etc and who become "mentally and emotionally constipated" because their education goes against every natural genetic pleasure-driven reflex with which the human being is created to enjoy. And we should not forget that there is even a link between terrorism and condemning nudity! Most terrorist countries (like the taliban regime) completely cover completely a womans body and face. The more a society is free, democratic and advanced, the more nudity there is like in most northern European countries - which have the highest number in the world of nude beaches and the least about of violence.

Nudity need not even be synonymous with sexuality but both should be a part of a person's education in order to truly love oneself and bring this healthy view to society. There would be less violence if this were the case! Why not have these types of atmospheres for teens, too?!

We are created "in the image" of our Creators, the Elohim, an advanced race of people from another planet, so what could be shameful about nudity? We were created out of pleasure and FOR pleasure.