Raelians attend first-ever Wakandacon event

06 Aug, 2018
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Representatives of the International Raelian Movement set up a booth to spread Back to Kama at Wakandacon

IMG_20180803_192432929.jpg The first-ever Wakandacon event—an event targeted towards establishing a positive and supportive space for black people—took place this past weekend in Chicago and provided an excellent opportunity to spread the concept of Back to Kama among the Black Diaspora in the Midwest region of the United States. Wakandacon grew out of the widespread success and appeal of the Black Panther movie, which was released in February of 2018; and has become an epic hit within the Black community. In addition to becoming a blockbuster hit, the movie has stirred the dreams and visions of “Afro-Futurism, science and technology among the populace, which includes a wide range of age categories. Over the past weekend, thousands of people met at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago to discover all things related to Blackness. The crowds came together to explore its culture, to share new ideas, and to celebrate the past, present , and future of the black diaspora.

The Back to Kama Campaign (BTK) was launched in 2009 by Maitreya Rael as an appeal to the Black diaspora to apply their abundant accumulation of skill, knowledge, expertise, wealth, etc., and return to Kama ( the original name of Africa used by the indigenous people). This BTK team (Jacques, Pedro, and Larry) attended the event over the three days and interacted with many individuals to explain the details of the BTK campaign which was well received by all of those who stopped by to get more information and many contacts were made that will enable to local team to further disseminate information about the project to diverse groups throughout the region. Here are a few pictures from the event: