Raelians around the world have celebrated the first femininity day in colorful ways.

08 Mar, 2005
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Women�s day is fine but let�s go one step further and celebrate femininity day

Sf Fem Day The women's movement represents a mile stone in women's history where commanding women leaders fought hard battles to better women's conditions paying the price of their precious femininity as they had to act like men to be heard in a world ruled by men. Today, our world ruled by masculinity is on the verge of destroying itself and women acting masculine to reach their purpose will only make matters worse.

Women now have a fundamental duty to society, the one of fully expressing their femininity, as it is the only antidote to aggression and violence. Women must continue to inspire themselves from the leadership skills of men to spread Femininity to all fibers of society from schools, to businesses, to governments so this delicate, refined expression of intelligence becomes the most honored, revered, praised and taught of all human qualities among the peoples of Earth and especially among men whose natural inherent femininity has been severely impaired by society.

This is what raelians have celebrated all over the world, performing naked choreography in the streets of major cities like San Francisco and Miami in the US over the week end and more today, on women�s day, around the world.

In San Francisco, the performance took place in the gay community of Castro and 10th, one of the few places in the USA where nudity is no longer considered to be an offensive sight.
In Miami, a large crowd on Lincoln Road followed the colorful performance, some of them begging to be part of it and holding our posters�
�To be naked in the streets of San Francisco was my way to express how fragile and precious life can be and to alert people on the importance of protecting all human beings on earth� said Nadine the leader of the raelian angel order in the US, an order that gathers all the women who are committed to develop their femininity.
She added �If every human being on earth had for only concern how he or she can bring more beauty and refinement to his environment, there wouldn�t be any bomb exploding anywhere for sure.�

Here is an excerpt of teachings of the Prophet Rael about femininity:
Little boys are very sensitive, they can have strong emotions and cry looking at a beautiful thing but they are told that a boy cannot cry. So, they try to conform to standard models that are completely wrong. A boy must be like this and a girl must be like that. In reality, a human being is male and female at the same time. We have both characteristics, but among them, the feminine ones are the most important as men are more handicapped in their education than women. Women are naturally enclined to be feminine, delicate, refined, respectful of life and have a higher sensitivity. Our creators, the Elohim, are extremely fminine, delicate, respectful, they laugh all the time, they are, they move in a very feminine way. They are refinement. They are beauty, and this is what is important. They are also extremely powerful as femininity doesn�t mean impossibility to act. To be feminine in one�s actions, movements and thoughts is quite compatible with being virile as to be virile doesn�t mean being violent. Our society has associated virility and violence. To be virile is not to be violent, it is to be a man feeling in harmony with his hormones and his masculinity. The more a human being refines his gesture, the more he refines his words and his thoughts. One cannot have a refined, subtle and sharp thought if one has a brutal attitude. Both are linked. To refine one�s thought automatically refines one�s way to move and to refine one�s way to move automatically refines one�s way to think. Our spirit and our boday are one.
In our society, people are afraid not to conform. A refined young boy may be called a girl by his schoolmates and will try to conform and be less feminine. In doing so, he will loose the refinement he had in his thoughts.
If one wants to raise his level of consciousness, to have a sharper consciousnes of what is around, the details of life, to feel the infinite better and to express the infinite better, one must refine oneself. It doesn�t mean becoming a homosexual for men as this has nothing to do with sexuality. One can be heterosexual and extremely refined and on the opposite , be homosexual and show macho and unrefined attitudes. We must leave our paradigms about femininity and masculinity.
If you want to refine your voice, your delicate gesture, learn to danse on earth as we are all dansers�.