Rael to bestow Honorary Priest title to Ward Churchill

10 Feb, 2005
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University of Colorado professor becomes Honorary Priest

2 1108066504 Church Rael to bestow "Honorary Priest" title to Ward Churchill for his essay
the 60,000+ members of the Raelian Movement send Churchill their support

Miami, Feb 10, 2005. Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) has just given the "Honorary Priest" title to Ward Churchill (University of Colorado professor) for his essay which most of the US is decrying as insensitive or unpatriotic.

Ricky Roehr (leader of the US Raelian Movement) is quoted: "Mr. Churchill is exactly right in what he wrote! If we are to have peace, we must take responsibility for our part in the violence and stop handing out blame as if we have done nothing. Quite the contrary, we have done terrible things to countless people.
Churchill addressed the cause of the 9-11 attacks and people want to shoot the messenger. Fox news and the right wing would have him thrown out of the US for being unpatriotic and insensitive to the innocent people killed in the 9-11 attacks. It is precisely Churchill\\\\\\\'s compassion for loss of innocent life that prompted his essay - his words so easily twisted by the right-wing who dare not think anything which conficts with the what the Bush administration is spoon feeding a public blinded by the rhetoric of fear and intolerance. Blind patriotism is precisely what created Nazi Germany by instilling the same \\\\\\\"culture of fear\\\\\\\" which allows the normally peace loving public to justify attacking countries who never attacked them. The current air in America is eerily like that of pre-Nazi Germany.

Innocent Iraquis are no less important than innocent Americans - and there were 3,000 killed in the US compared to the 100,000 in Iraq. And don\\\\\\\'t forget about the 500,000 innocent children who died because of the UN sanctions against Iraq, the same children whose deaths Madeline Albright stated publicly was \\\\\\\"worth the cost\\\\\\\"?! Bush and the pentagon use sugar coated terms like \\\\\\\"collateral damage\\\\\\\" to describe the innocent people killed in Iraq. But those killed on 9-11 were innocent victims? What would the US do if a country imposed sanctions which killed 500,000 US children?

Churchill stated: \\\\\\\"3 million people killed in the war in Indochina, those who died in the U.S. invasions of Grenada, Panama and elsewhere in Central America, the victims of the transatlantic slave trade, and the indigenous peoples still subjected to genocidal policies - all victims. If we respond with callous disregard to the deaths of others, we can only expect equal callousness to American deaths.\\\\\\\" It is ALL true and the once great US is embarassingly and shamefully wrong. Nothing can justify the loss of even one innocent life. Because if we can justify one, we can justify two, or a hunderd, a thousand... Think about it! If we look at the history of the US, it would not even exist if its founders (who had slaves, did not allow women to vote etc) had not killed and stolen the land on which we all live today!

In a letter criticizing Churchill, Gov. Bill Owens (Co.) said \\\\\\\"the victims of the 9-11 attacks were murdered by evil cowards\\\\\\\". It is easy to call someone a coward when you have the world\\\\\\\'s biggest military and the enemy has the sense to hide from you! Violence is never a lasting solution to any conflict and the proof of this is the retaliation for an aggressive US foreign policy which has been pushing around less militarily developed peoples - people who could never stand \\\\\\\"toe to toe\\\\\\\" with the world\\\\\\\'s only super-power and have no choice but to fight in a \\\\\\\"cowardly\\\\\\\" way. How would anyone who voted for Bush explain to the mothers of the 500,000 children and the more recent 100,000 innocent civilians killed in Iraq that the US military are not terrorists?

Of course 9-11 was terrible. The fanatics who flew planes into buildings did it believing in a god who would reward them for killing innocent people. And within the weeks following George Bush stated that god told him to strike at Saddam. One man\\\\\\\'s god is another man\\\\\\\'s devil - and niether even exist!

It\\\\\\\'s not too late. If the US were to spend only a portion of the time and money it spends for war and apply it toward aopolgies and actions toward reparations, we would become as we once were - a benevolent big brother instead of the big bully everyone hates but fears. And while we\\\\\\\'re apologizing, send one to Ward Churchill, too.\\\\\\\"