Rael encourages all countries to get atomic weapons

28 Mar, 2017
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Rael explains that in a world ruled by barbaric Western powers that apply the Law of the Jungle, weaker countries must become as strong as them and get atomic weapons to balance their bullying attitudes

Yes, it’s much more “realistic” to get closer and closer to a nuclear holocaust that will destroy all humanity. And our creators will hold these idiotic politicians responsible for it.

The example given of North Korea using the atomic bomb while all “good” imperialist countries do not have it is just absurd. For example, even if it were to happen, the U.S. war machine has enough power and war planes to totally destroy North Korea without using any atomic bombs, just as it destroyed Afghanistan, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, etc.

The most terrible hypocrisy is that they refuse to forbid atomic weapons while continuing to support the nonproliferation treaty. Translation: “Only we, the superpowers can have them. Other countries cannot have them so that we can continue to dominate and bully the world.”

Sadly, the only solution is for all other countries to get nuclear weapons as soon as possible. If Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and other victims of U.S. imperialism had had them, they would have never been attacked, invaded and occupied.

The message is very clear for all countries not wanting to be the next victims of U.S./Western imperialism and neocolonialism: Get as many atomic bombs as soon as you can!

In today’s egoist world where there is no more compassion or consciousness, if there were a Gandhi, the United Kingdom would drop a nuclear bomb on him. And nobody would care.

In the same way, nobody cares about the fate of the Palestinian people, who are prisoners in the huge concentration camp of Gaza. Instead, people focus on football games and stupid new talent shows, or on the fate of a dog trapped in a hole.

The wonderful, huge peace movement that stopped the Vietnam War and made the United States lose it can no longer exist, since journalists “are embedded” among the invasion forces. And nobody cares as long as people can watch their games on TV while U.S. soldiers and drones are killing innocent children elsewhere.

Since there is no more compassion or consciousness, it’s time to partly abandon the values of absolute nonviolence that are one of the basis premises of our philosophy, even if they still apply individually. From now on, it is acceptable for Raelians of nonnuclear countries to work for the armament industries of their countries or armed forces, in order to make it impossible for Western imperialist and neocolonialist powers to attack, invade and occupy them in a new, modern colonization accomplished under the guise of “bringing democracy.”

Only they and no others around the world care at all about their nonviolence. For example, when France forcibly removed the great President Gbagbo in Ivory Coast because he wasn’t supporting French interests, nobody lifted a finger.

Sadly, the millions of Palestinian Ghandis suffering under the boots of Israeli torturers fail to trigger a reaction from the so-called “civilized world.” Such reactions did occur during the times of the original great Gandhi and the antiwar peace activists against the Vietnam War.

Sadly also, the so-called “civilized world” of the Western powers knows only the use of force. Like the great Jean de la Fontaine said long ago, “La raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure.” (The logic of the strongest is always the best).

So we arrive at the paradox that the allegedly modern civilized countries, with their mouthfuls of words about freedom, democracy and human rights, actually impose only the rule of the jungle. Instead, they are the real savages and barbarians of this planet, bringing us closer and closer to the total destruction of humanity. Since they understand only the use of force, it’s time for the weakest to arm themselves to the strongest degree possible, including the acquisition of nuclear weapons.

And it is also time for the formerly colonized countries to become allies against Western imperialism. It’s much safer for African or South American countries to make alliances with China or India, both of which were also devastated and occupied by Western colonizers.

It’s important to notice that the United Kingdom still hasn’t apologized for its colonization crimes in India. India’s prime minister recently called that a “collective amnesia.” In addition, France still dares to claim that African colonization was beneficial to the African people. France also still imposes money printed in France on Africans plus a “colonial tax.” Am I having a bad dream?

Now all these criminal Western powers have their eyes on Africa for new colonization. They already have many military forces there under the guise of humanitarian aid, or allegedly to protect French nationals in case of political violence.

Of course, as soon as an African president doesn’t support French pillage, he is killed by those forces. It’s also interesting to notice that there is no African military force in France to protect the African citizens there who are the victims of so much violence, racism and discrimination.

The double standard is clear: French soldiers can protect French citizens in Africa but African soldiers are not invited in France to protect African citizens. Therefore, particularly for Africa, but also for South American countries and many other countries, it’s time to get strong, create militias to expel Western occupation forces and try to get nuclear weapons as soon as possible.

No Western power will hesitate one minute to invade any of the African countries, given their current level of defense. But if they become nuclear powers, the cowardly Western powers that attack only the weakest will not lift a finger against them. The message for them is clear: In a world ruled by barbaric Western powers that apply the Law of the Jungle, you must be as strong as them. Get atomic weapons!