Swaziland king criticized for latest purchase

21 Apr, 2005
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Isnt it a double standard considering the wealth of the Vatican?

St Peter Rome Swaziland's King Mswati has bought a 500,000 dollar luxury car that has a television, DVD player, 21-speaker surround-sound system, fridge, cordless telephone and sterling silver champagne flutes.
The king hit the headline again with this story, with media reporting of the monarch's latest purchase in contrast with accounts of suffering in Swaziland, which has the highest Aids rate in the world.

The Prophet Rael declared today: More critics today of an African leader for his expenses?
Letís look at the Vatican: The election of a new pope cost 100 times more than the Maybach car. The catholic church is supposed to be the "church of the poors" and we can see tons of gold and luxurious things in the Vatican while the world has at least 4 billions of people in poverty and 1 billion starving or malnourished. Also millions of people get infected by aids as they follow the pope's condemnation of the use of condoms......
But the media of course don't criticize the Vatican expenses and its monarch absolute power, right in the heart of Europe. Why do they criticize this African monarch then...Isnít a double standard?


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