When Atheism and Creationism meet

15 Nov, 2020
 None    Atheist Creationism

An invitation to take a break from a priori commitments and have an objective look with us at what we are a fortiori seeing

A recent study showed that 1 in 5 atheists think that human consciousness cannot be explained by evolutionary processes. This can certainly be expected from religious or spiritual people, but to have that many atheists question evolutionary science is quite fascinating. It shows that the debate about the acceptance or not of evolution isn’t a clash between a non-religious worldview and a fundamentalist religious one, but rather a clash revolving around why we are here and where we are going as a species. Questions that remain unanswered for many.

A more recent theory that some call, “Creatheism,” has been trending. It is one where atheists imply the existence of a creator by proposing the possibility that we are living in a computer simulation. And if we are indeed living in a simulation, someone or something had to create it…

Entrepreneur Ellon Musk is not alone in promoting this idea. Numerous physicists and philosophers find it compelling and some even suggest that if an advanced alien civilization had ever arisen, then it could theoretically have created billions of simulated universes where their inhabitants would have a hard time figuring out the truth about their origin. Whether they simulate these worlds in a computer or they create them with lots of terraforming and laboratory tweaking of species, the idea that scientists can create life is out there and does not shock the public anymore.

Forty seven years ago, when Rael was saying that we have been created by human beings coming from another planet, and that these scientists wanted to visit us again, people didn’t have access to the mountain of data we now have. Over the years, discoveries in all scientific disciplines have been consistent with that possibility. Forty seven years ago, if we had said there was an infinite number of planets in an infinite universe, people would have simply laughed. Case in point; the first exoplanet was only confirmed in 1995, until then it was not scientifically acceptable to claim that other planets orbited other stars. Today, there are thousands of them that are reported.

Another case in point; the first self-replicating synthetic bacterial cell was only reported by the J. Craig Venter Institute a decade ago. It took these scientists 15 years and thousands of failed tests before they could synthesize the right DNA molecule that would boot up a cell. In doing so, they also showed that we are now capable of creating new cells, new forms of lives, by simply following our imagination and our creativity. This is just another example illustrating the idea that one doesn’t need to be a’ god' to create life.

Data in support of atheist creationism can also be found in our ancient scriptures and legends. Our cultural heritage is full of tales of ancient gods present on all continents—multiple human-looking ‘gods' who created life, lived with us, and ultimately went back to their planet. It is time to review them through the lens of our new scientific background and understanding accumulated over the last 50 years.

The story of this Earth's humanity is a tale of science, art, creativity, and love. I invite you to take a break from your a priori commitments and have an objective look with us at what we are a fortiori seeing. Let’s follow the evidence. No need for superstition or random chance to explain our happiness. It has been programmed by advanced human beings and it is time to express our unconditional gratitude. 
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