Fisher officially a citizen of Iceland

24 Mar, 2005
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Let’s congratulate the Iceland Parlement

Bobby Fisher Action Japan Rn Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer has been granted Icelandic citizenship after a vote in the country's parliament.
The raelians who have been campaigning for his liberation can now rejoice as Japan where Mr Fischer is being held, has said it will not deport him to the US if Iceland grants him citizenship.
Mr Fischer's 1992 match against Mr Spassky, in Yugoslavia, was deemed a violation of sanctions. He can now safely go to Iceland
The Prophet Rael declared today: “So wonderful to see a small country not afraid of the USA ! And now it's so funny to imagine what will be the reaction of the Japanese poodle administration officials...They surely didn't expect Iceland to grant him citizenship ...Unthinkable for the Japanese mind... All freedom lovers should write to the Iceland parliament to congratulate them!


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