7 billion people on earth: Cause for a Real Scare!

02 Nov, 2011
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According to the United Nations Population Division, October 31 was the day the world’s population was expected to reach seven billion.

Many around the world went to parties, surrounded by the most fashionable “scary” decorations and outfits. Well, there’s no need to get dressed up today to be scared; a simple look at the news should give any conscious human being a big chill. We have reached the 7 billion people mark, and even if some say it isn’t a precise count, it is nevertheless close enough to take it seriously.

Every year, the world’s population increases by 75 million. This is like adding the population of a country like Germany or France every year. Even without being a mathematical or economic genius, it is easy to understand that we cannot keep going that way. In 2001, when we reached the 6 billion mark, 1 billion people were already starving. In 2009, 1.2 billion people were estimated to be starving. How can we possibly keep having babies at the same rate when we haven’t been able to take care of those already living?

Yet a CNN survey done in the streets of New York yesterday showed that none of the people interviewed had any concern about this situation. Young mothers admitted they had their babies without thinking on how they impacted the planet, and most people were cheering the announcement that we have reached the 7 billion mark. But that is nothing to cheer for, and nothing to be proud of.

When U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon was asked if he will finally propose worldwide birth control, which would be an intelligent way to reduce the problem, he refused to answer. He said his concern was to make sure that all the people were taken care of. So much for the planning of our future!

Overpopulation is the real cause of all violence and suffering on Earth.


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