Sex toys banned in Alabama, guns okay

24 Feb, 2005
 None    Politics


alabamaspecial.jpgA decision issued on Wednesday by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says Alabama doesn't have to lift its silly, arcane 1998 law banning the sale of sex toys as there is no such thing in the Constitution as a right to sexual privacy. So under this law one could stroll down Alabama streets selling semiautomatic rifles and dildos, and be arrested for the dildos.
Obviously the state's pro-gun lobby is much more powerful than its pro-vibrator lobby. We strongly support the calls for massive civil disobedience ;-)
On a more positive note, the city of Tilburg in Netherland, near the Belgium border, installed its first vibrator automatic dispenser. Ay any time of the day now, you may buy sexual toys there and sexy lingerie…. Tilburg could become a new popular destination for Alabama residents… will vibrators pass the security check on the way back?


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