The Need For Geniocracy

27 Nov, 2008
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The only way to end the dictatorship of the imbeciles

Rl Nov 63Rael made a very powerful comment following the nice attempt of 12 former political giants who banned together in order to help draw the world’s attention to the serious political and humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe which is suffering from starvation and disease. This group is what some call a “political dream team”, which goes by the name “the Global Elders”. They hoped to unite in order to “exert influence and bring attention to humanitarian crises that might otherwise go unnoticed or unsolved”.

The Prophet Rael said: “This is a very good initiative but unfortunately it is from people without any real power. Through geniocracy, the same goal can be achieved but with people who are really in power. The crude democracy in place now actually creates all the problems we know. It is, in fact, the dictatorship of stupid people who, being a vast majority can elect people like Adolph Hitler, Georges Bush or Saddam Hussein. Then everybody pay the consequences.

In fact, the American people, even the conservatives, have started to blame George Bush for the economic catastrophe which is just starting in the USA. But in a kind of natural karma which always see those behaving badly paying the consequences for their bad decisions, the real responsibility of this fiasco is not on George Bush, but on those who elected him: the majority of the US population. So in other words, you elected him, knowing perfectly what his program was, so you can only blame yourself for the problems you have now.


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