Rael to bestow Honorary Priest title to Ward Churchill

10 Feb, 2005
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University of Colorado professor becomes Honorary Priest

2 1108066504 Church Rael to bestow "Honorary Priest" title to Ward Churchill for his essay
the 60,000+ members of the Raelian Movement send Churchill their support

Miami, Feb 10, 2005. Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement (www.rael.org) has just given the "Honorary Priest" title to Ward Churchill (University of Colorado professor) for his essay which most of the US is decrying as insensitive or unpatriotic.

Ricky Roehr (leader of the US Raelian Movement) is quoted: "Mr. Churchill is exactly right in what he wrote! If we are to have peace, we must take responsibility for our part in the violence and stop handing out blame as if we have done nothing. Quite the contrary, we have done terrible things to countless people.


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