The Prophet Rael in Africa

06 Jan, 2006
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For The African Seminars

Congoemotionadiaweb The African seminars in Brazzaville, Congo, will remain a major step in the history of the Raelian Movement in Africa. Last year in Ghana, it was the first major encounter between the African Raelians and the Prophet Rael (see video below). This year in Congo, he launched them in an adventure that we may not fully grasp yet…
« To save the planet, we must start with saving Africa! And to save Africa, we must create the United States of Africa and you must carry this mission”. “Gather all the “Africanians”, that is to say, all those who want to act in order to make this continent the richest of all the continents, whether these people are Raelians or not, whether they are Africans or not. Thanks to the wealth of its soil and the wealth of its people, this continent can become the richest.”
« To create the United States of Africa is a first step. It could be created quickly by gathering all the African traditional chiefs and federating all the ethnic groups without considering the actual borders that have been drawn by the colonials. This meeting could take place here in Congo at the request of President Sassou Nguesso, if he wants to, as he is himself one of these traditional chiefs.”


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