Pedophilia accusations are pure discrimination

24 Aug, 2007
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Swiss Conservatism at its worse


Here after is a statement made by Rael following a recent judgment in Switzerland that is unacceptable for the tens of thousand of Raelians in the world who are told that their philosophy preaches pedophilia while pedophilia is considered by them as a mental disease. It is really time to stop the religious discrimination spread by the media and political power.. and now by the justice as well!!!

'Recently in Switzerland, in a judgment which constitutes an undeniable travesty of justice, and which we will take right up to the European Court if necessary, a judge dared to write that pedophilia is part of our scriptures while some politicians in Vales county were also saying a few weeks ago that “sexual freedom by its very nature provokes sexual misconduct towards minors”.
These statements are baseless extrapolations totally devoid of sense. Sexual freedom between consenting adults in no way implies any acts of pedophilia. Only such conservative minds as those of the Christian fundamentalists could ever attempt to defile such a basic human right by associating it with the mental illness of pedophilia.

It isn’t the first time that the media, pushed by fundamentalist powers, have attempted to sully the honor and dignity of the religious minority that is the Raelian Movement. Some unscrupulous journalists have even dared write that the Sensual Meditation that Raelians practice is an incitation towards pedophilia. What would these journalists see if they carried out their jobs properly? You just need to open the book “Intelligent Design” which is the foundation of our religion to see what is textually written. On page 185 under the heading of “Sensual Education” it is written: “You will awaken the mind of your child, but you will also awaken his or her body, for the awakening of the body is linked to the awakening of the mind.” So to see in these lines an incitation to pedophilia, this monstrous mental illness that society must protect itself from, is a total aberration.

What these lines and the rest of the paragraph very clearly indicate is that sexual education needs to be reformed. As well as making it more available in schools, and as well as the usual outdated explanation given to children on what reproduction is, it should also introduce the concept of pleasure. That is to say, not only should it describe, as it already does, how reproduction functions, but also it should explain that the reason their parents have sexual lives and reproduce, is because they enjoy it and that one day they will discover this pleasure too, and that this is natural and good for their psychological development. That is what the most eminent sexologists of today all teach.
This teaching, or new sexual education, set up by the world’s most eminent sexologists and psychologists should be obligatory in all schools, right from the classes receiving prepubescent children so that they are neither shocked, nor surprised, nor feel guilty, when they discover their own sexuality kicking in. In fact these classes should also include basic elements to safeguard them against pedophilia by warning the children about the dangers and teach them how to protect themselves from such possibilities. They should be warned that certain unbalanced adults could try to abuse them and that sometimes, and all too often, it is adults in whom they might have the most trust such as Catholic Priests, among whom the latest court cases around the world have demonstrated include the highest percentage of pedophiles. On this subject, see the internet site whose organization NOPEDO I founded many years ago to fight against pedophilia.
It would also be advisable to provide parents with sexual education courses so they can become capable of answering their children’s questions.
As we can see, there is a world of difference between what is truly inscribed in the Raelian Movement’s writings and the false rumors spread by the intolerant members of Christian fundamentalist groups. And it is these groups who wish to force all of society, including atheists who now count as the majority, as evidenced by the empty churches and dearth of priests, to submit to their conservative morals and regress back to their medieval values.
Let us not forget that the Raelian Movement is an atheist religious movement just as Buddhism is, and so defends the right for people to live as they wish while respecting the law. The right to sexual freedom between consenting adults is one of the basic human rights and as a philosopher once wrote, no government has the right to stick their noses into anyone’s bedroom. These fundamentalists wish to pull us back to their blessed times where they could publicly burn anyone at the stake for what they used to call the crime of adultery. Thankfully this is no longer considered a crime but we have to remain vigilant to prevent any return.
Not so far away in Islamic countries controlled by fundamentalists, these laws still exist and Islamic women found “guilty” of adultery are publicly stoned to death even today! That is what those, who accuse sexual freedom as being an incitement to pedophilia, wish to bring back.
What is very revealing in their strategy, is that while these Christian fundamentalists do all they can to circulate defamatory rumors accusing Raelians of promoting pedophilia, in no way do they criticize Muslims whose prophet Mohammed at age 50 married a young 9 year old girl called Aicha. It is textually written that their marriage was “consummated”, but if I Rael were to marry a 9 year old girl and “consummate” the marriage, imagine the articles in the newspapers and the judges decisions. But these same media and judges prefer to insinuate that a modern sexual education and a liberated sexuality between consenting adults can encourage pedophilia rather than take on those representing a real danger to society, who not only turn a blind eye to pedophilia but also incite the killing of atheists. And they see no problem when mosques teaching this are built near them. No doubt, that is why their sympathies lie with christian fundamentalists. Fanatical Jewish, Islamic and Christian deists all united by their hate of atheism, where their hate of atheists is stronger than their own differences. In other words, “kill or sully any unbelievers first, then settle our differences later”.
This campaign of hateful lies and defamation against Raelians is no different from the big hate campaigns of the past. The Nazis convinced the German people that the Jews sacrificed children, the Chinese government claims the same thing for the Dalai Lama, accusing him of “lining his walls with the skin of children”. Always the same horror story, of inciting hate against minorities who think differently from the norm, by propagating terrible lies.
But the Truth always triumphs. If journalists were to carry out their jobs properly, they would verify their sources and would never support such a denial of justice. In the past, there were judges who applied unfair laws or condemned citizens because they were Gay, Jewish or Black. But as in the Dreyfuss Affair, the great journalists of the day stood up and demanded the Truth, however unpalatable it was to others. They dared transcend social prejudice and pierce the paradigm to re-establish the victims’ dignity.
Are there any such journalists today? Has anyone bothered talking to the thousands of Raelians attending the Movement’s meetings in the last 33 years, who could all testify as to the high moral and spiritual value of their content? Has anyone bothered to talk to the numerous Raelian academics, or even the non-Raelians academics who have carried out serious studies of our Movement, such as the lecturers in theology and sociology Alain Bouchard and Susan Palmer? If there are any who have, then it is their moral duty to stand up and re-establish the Truth. But are there any with sufficient back-bone among the judges and journalists of today’s society to swim against the flow of social prejudices? Are there any Emile Zola’s remaining today?
If there aren’t, then it is up to the citizens who cannot accept hate and discrimination to go and seek out the correct information themselves by visiting our internet site of and if they so wish, to visit a Raelian meeting just to see to what extent the Truth is far from the rumors propagated by the media. In this way, the media will have to give up their lies or lose their credibility.
In fact just a few days ago I founded a movement to resist the media’s and politician’s social conditioning whose site I invite you to visit: