The Korindo, first Raelian temple dedicated to the Elohim

11 Oct, 2010
 None    Asia


“I am so happy to make the transmissions* today in front of the Korindo.

“I am so happy to make the transmissions* today in front of the Korindo. It is a historical day. For the first time in the history of Humanity, we have a place dedicated to Elohim.” This is how Rael welcomed the hundreds of Raelians and friends who were gathered in front of the Korindo, the first Raelian building fully dedicated to meditation and to expressing our gratitude to the Elohim. The Raelian leaders in Japan chose to combine the opening of the Korindo located near a small village close to Narita, in Japan, with the 35th anniversary of the second encounter of Rael, on October 7th 1975, with one of the extraterrestrial scientists who created all life on Earth and whom we call Elohim.
“We have had some camping places in the past in France and in Canada that were dedicated to seminars. But this is not a camping place, this is a place dedicated to Elohim, for the first time on Earth.” explained Rael. “It is a place to meditate and say thank you to Elohim, thank you for the Message, thank you for the light in my life.”
Korindo in Japanese means ‘light coming from the sky’ and we could all feel it there! Raelians came from as far as Ivory Coast or Burkina Faso to share the joy of the event. A delegation of representatives from a Taiwanese branch of Taoism was there as well and after a meeting with Rael, they all decided to recognize him as the last Prophet.
“If your life is put in motion, guided by your love for Elohim, all your life will be fantastic; not only on October 7th or December 13th or when you see me but every second of your life, when you wake up, when you eat, in everything you do, every second is guided by the love of Elohim. Then your life is different. Keep it inside your heart forever. Every time you breath, ‘yes Elohim’, ‘yes to love’, ‘yes to light’, ‘yes to Infinity’.”
Rael concluded on that day saying that it was the most beautiful day of the history of Humanity. “The next time we build something important, it will be the Embassy*”.
On the following day, he celebrated the 35th anniversary with about 100 Guides coming from all continents and then gave a two day seminar for all.