Leon Ferrari new Honorary Guide

12 Jan, 2005
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84 year old revolutionary Argentinean artist awarded Honorary Guide title..

Ferrari Small The Prophet Rael has just awarded the title of "Honorary Priest" to Leon Ferrari for the awareness and iconoclastic quality of his artistic works.

Leon Ferrari, 84 year old renowned Argentinean artist - author of creations considered to be offensive by the Catholic Church such as "Christ on the plane" which shows a crucified Christ on an American war plane, just had one of his expositions prohibited in Buenos Aires under the pressure of the local Catholic authorities.

Leon Ferrari based his inspiration on the fact that he is against torture whereas Christianity supports it. He explained this by reminding us that Christianity claims that the souls of men who die in sin are tortured in hell. This idea of the punishment of those who are different is at the origin of many exterminations:
those of the Indians, the Jews, witches, heretics, the Vietnamese... It also explains why the American people accept the current tortures inflicted on the Iraqis.

The work of Leon Ferrari fits perfectly in the campaign for the development of atheism launched by the Raelian Movement, including a formal Complaint for Crimes against Humanity recently lodged against the pope and filed with the international court of Hague.

Rael specifies: "an artist who would not be revolutionary in his artistic expression would only be a decorator embedded in the mediocrity of his time. We should learn how to love peoples' differences rather than to reject them and condemn them".