Higgs Boson and superstition

06 Oct, 2008
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there is no 'god particle' as god doesn't exist


Scientists are after the discovery of the Higgs Boson, a massive and still hypothetical elementary particle. The place is the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research, one of the largest laboratories in the world. The cost is 9 billion dollars.

Here the protons are accelerated to speeds very close to the speed of light to gain massive energies for massive smashing experiments. The hope is, if the models are correct, that such energies will release the Higgs Bosons and make them detectable. The Higgs Boson is so fundamental to particle physics and to matter composing the universe itself that some people, including some scientists, have been tempted to refer to it as the "God Particle." Other scientists find such characterization vulgar, superstitious, or just an annoying popularization ploy.
Out of respect for the atheists who are a vast majority amongst the scientists, RAEL stated that they should call it only the ‘Higgs boson’, its scientific name.

The concept of "God" has no meaning in any field of Science. Its use can only prolong confusion and hinder understanding of the universe in a rational and scientific manner. It also can only retard science education attempts on the part of scientists and other educators.

The Large Hadron Collider instrument at CERN has now been turned on and preliminary tests are running but the first collision experiment will not be performed until October 21. In August 2004, the Elohim, those who created all life on Earth according to the Raelian philosophy, send a warning message to Rael stating that although fusion experiments are safe, we must not engage in collision experiments that destroy and disintegrate elementary particles as they contain infinitely small universes containing life and civilizations.

On hearing about these new experiments at CERN, RAEL stated, "We must remember that this kind of experimentation while not dangerous for humanity should not take place because it destroys many forms of life in the infinitely small universes composing the matter we know."

In 2004, in an open letter to the World's physicists, the Association of Raelian Scientists warned the scientific community of this danger.
Over the last few years since then, we have seen opposition to such experiments growing. We hope scientists will pay attention.


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4. The Message of Miyazaki
Here is the last message of our Creators as received on August 20th, 59 aH (2004) in Miyazaki:
Super colliders should not be used as they cause damage and galactic cataclysms in infinitely small universes - destroying many lives.
The Elohim, as guardians of peace, non violence and harmony at all levels of infinity, ask human beings to not use any technology that creates huge cataclysms in infinitely small universes. It is not good as it annihilates huge numbers of civilizations and can also affect
the balance of our own universe. Science is good and should be unlimited as long as it fuses elements, but never used when it breaks or cracks infinitely small particles.

5. Letter to Scientists involved in Physics and Super Colliders

15 September 2004 (Year 59 after Hiroshima)

The risk of life destruction with Super Colliders
To: Scientists involved in Physics and Super Colliders
From: The Association of Raelian Scientists

Dear Scientist Colleague,
As scientists, the progress of humanity and to a large extent the future of civilization depends on us. It is our privilege to have discovery and exploration as our profession. As physicists explore the secrets of nature and matter at all levels, astronomers search for
new galaxies and new life in the universe. In fact astronomers at SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) are actively trying to discover the prevalence of intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe and to communicate with them. Are we ready for such a contact? If we receive a message from a more scientifically advanced race of intelligent beings, are we ready to understand it with an open mind and to respond accordingly in
the spirit of science and intelligence!?
As Raelian scientists, we believe we need to consider such issues seriously and urgently and wish to inform the scientific community that such a contact has occurred in 1973 and most recently on August 20th of this year when the extraterrestrial Elohim contacted Rael, a messenger of their own choosing on earth (see rael.org)
Many scientific advances were announced by Rael following his first contact 30 years ago. Rael clearly announced the existence of other life in the universe, the possibility to create new forms of life, the possibility to recreate ourselves thanks to cloning, the possibility to travel in space at speeds higher than the speed of light. Such information was considered foolish and against basic scientific dogmas at the time while now they are either demonstrated and accepted or are under study in the scientific community.
Rael also introduced the concept that the universe is fractal in nature and infinite in time and space with an infinite number of fractal levels of life and existence in the infinitely large and the infinitely small matter. (see more on rael.org).
In the most recent communication, on August 20th, the Elohim have informed us that super colliders will be using technologies that will destroy life in the infinitely small worlds and should not be used as life must be protected at every level of the existence in the universe. They also said that such destruction may lead to imbalances in our own level of existence. "Science is good and should be unlimited as long as it fuses elements, but it should never be used when it breaks or cracks infinitely small particles."
We feel responsible to bring this information to all scientists and disseminate it as widely as possible. In the name of freedom of science and rational inquiry, we ask you to consider the possibility of scientific creation of life on earth by an advanced race of
intelligent beings who have visited our planet many times in the past and also consider the possibility that an infinite number of lives exist at our level and in the infinitely large matter and in the infinitely small particles, lives that could be destroyed by our super
collider technology.
We the undersigned as Raelian scientists will be happy to elaborate more on this letter and answer any questions or concerns. We also ask for your help in this immense responsibility to fully understand and plan for the implications of this important message given to us by our scientific creators, the Elohim of the Hebrew Bible. Elohim created
life on earth in all its variety and brilliance in the spirit of peace, love, intelligence and enjoyment. In the same spirit we need to protect life at all levels and be the guardians of peace, non violence and harmony.
We look forward to hearing your views.

The Association of Raelian Scientists

6. Follow up letter to Scientists involved in Physics and Super Colliders

The Risk of Super Colliders, a follow up letter
17 October 2004 (Year 59 after Hiroshima)

Dear science colleagues,

Thank you to those of you who took an interest in this important matter and replied to our original letter regarding super collider's risk to life.
Some of you asked for evidence to support our views. We would like to ask you to consider the three notions that we brought up as tentative, yet coherent scientific hypotheses to be explored and examined further. Even ad hoc hypotheses have their place in the development of new scientific theories.
The three notions we express are,
1)universe is fractal in nature and is infinite in time and space with an infinite number of fractal levels of life and existence in the infinitely large and in the infinitely small matter, 2) All life on earth is the result of an intelligent design and did not come to existence by chance, and
3) life exits at all levels of the fractal universe and thus super colliders which may be using technologies that destroy life in the infinitely small worlds should not be used (as
life must be protected at every level of existence in the universe).

As intelligent and capable human beings we must be the guardians of life as we are the only beings capable of doing so.
These three theories that some of you described as beliefs are as coherent and as reasonable as some of the current leading theories.
Big bang and evolution are still lacking strong evidence and scientists may be biased in trying to have their results fit with their theories. By opening the door to alternative theories, new insight and understanding of basic mechanisms may be obtained. This is
now what is happening for example in biology where numerous geneticists and biologists no longer consider DNA molecule as 80% junk but as a masterpiece of code and biological instruction where every element plays a role in defining life. This also helps in the recognition of intelligent design as an alternative theory of life.
By introducing the fractal theory of universe (described also by Carl Sagan), we believe it could open the door to an alternative and more accurate view and vision of our world.
Some of you raised the point that fission break up of matter and high energy cosmic ray flux occur naturally and can be worse in their effect in destroying infinitely small universes than super colliders.
First, we can speculate that since high energy cosmic ray is very rare, and anti-matter does not exist in our nature, the kind of collision that physicists create in super colliders do not occur in nature. Furthermore, we also beg you to consider that we human beings
are not unconscious matter resigned to laws and accidents of nature.
If earth quakes destroy our cities and kill populations of humanity, we surely do not wish to detonate the earth from beneath the feet of our fellow human beings using explosive technology in the hope of some discovery.
We Raelian scientists do not claim to be able to explain everything.
We however feel it is important to describe our views to the world scientists as the consequences of the misuse of technology can be critically significant. If the notions we espouse here will eventually help develop new theories worthy of scientist's attention,
we consider our efforts in contacting you well and worthwhile.
We believe our scientific creators, the Elohim of the Hebrew Bible who are our biological and intellectual parents do not wish to see us destroy life and ourselves. We don't argue about their existence at this point, but we believe we all agree on the aim of this debate, the desire to protect life at all levels.

The Raelian Scientists Association