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Description In this issue:

Japanese ‘three day’ seminar in Oiso

2 Let’s build the Embassy in Japan
4 Financial Crisis
6 Work is slavery.
7 The caterpillar tale

News and Views

9 Clive Maund
10 Rwanda’s chief of protocol arrest in Germany is “judicial colonialism”.
11 African Children killed for ‘witchcraft’, another crime of colonization
11 Cosplay, a wonderful trend
12 Rael applauds Queensland’s monthlong, nude, ‘anything goes’ party initiative;’
13 The worst risk in life is not to take any risk at all
14 Stem cells and public perception

News of the Raelian Planet

14 October 7th in Japan
16 Celebration of October 7th in Rome
17 My First Transmission In Serbia
17 Korean Raelians in a Marathon
18 A Four-Day Journey in Bhutan
20 A Quebecer in Switzerland
21 Daniel Barenboim receives the messages
22 Diffusion at UFO monument-Mexico!
23 In Argentina
24 Benin
24 ARAMIS in Montreal
25 Utah – Pride Festival and Intelligent
Design Lecture
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Date Tue 09 Dec 2008 - 20:00:00