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Description Maitreya’s Words
- 40th anniversary Convention
- Orgasm and enlightenment
- The United States of ex-colonized countries
- Raelian pioneers
- The Importance of being crazy
- Feel like a bird
- Caring for others
- Infinity inside and outside
- The fruit of consciousness is love.
- The most precious gift of the Elohim
- Enjoy here and now,
- The gift of meditation
- Change lives with a smile
- Feel infinity to feel infinitely happy
- without god, we are much happier
- Our mission is infinite.
- Woman veil ban in France
- Non Conformity mental illness
- Nude photos and pornography
- Citizenship competition
- Quenelle dieudonesque

New Honorary Guides: Russell Brand , Karen Hudes, Matt Damon

Dec 13 celebration in Kama, America and Europe

Raelian Planet
- Scientific Raelian
- Quebec city, Canada
- Day against violence, Canada
- York Region police educated
- Diffusion among prisoners, USA
- Tijuana, Mexico billboard
- Radio show in Puebla, Mexico
- Diffusion in Gabon
- Okinawa show
- Diffusion in Cambodia
- Clitoraid Australia
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