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Maitreya’s Words
- Laughter feeds Supra-consciousness
- How to be happier
- Supra consciousness of Humanity
- Make them smile and laugh
- Love kindness Compassion
- We have to work for peace
- About the Raelian prayer
- About Cunnilingus
- About NSA spying
- About Snowden, new Honorary Guide
- A World revolution
- Religion in decline
- About the law of attraction

The Raelian Planet
- Swastika Day
- Gotopless Day

- Seminar in Elohika, BF
- Gbédia and the press

- Victory in a court in Paris
- For the respect of minorities in Metz
- One minute for peace in France
- Raelians at the Marathon of Medoc

North America
- A new National Guide in Canada
- Support to the Teacher's Federation
- An apology letter
- The Bahamas and Cayman Islands
- Mexico, Zacateca Gay March
- Hawaii same-sex couple marriage

- A letter from Nadine
- Clitoraid in Australia
- Clitoraid in Korea
- Clitoraid in Switzerland
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