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Description Maitreya’s words
- A world where everybody is thinking only to give, and nobody is thinking to receive.
- About free will or “I love the present you who is constantly changing”
- About our secret garden
- A new meditation guided by Maitreya
66 aH Happiness Academy in Asia
- « The process which is constantly changing the future in past in a constantly changing present ».
- Testimony of Guyom
May 1st: “International Paradism Day”
- In Mexico City and Puebla
- In Cartagena, Colombia
- Paradism at NATO in Chicago
- In Quebec, the Raelians unreservedly support the youth revolution
- Mexico Conference on Archaeoastronomy and Cosmovision of ANAHUATL
In Europe
- Wave of Kindness in Switzerland
- Back to Finland
- Meeting with the Moldavic youth
- The Disciples of Maitreya at the Cannes Festival.
- Pope Alice wanted in Vatican city
- Okinawa Raelians against the debris
- Clitoraid at Exxxotica in Miami
- Clitoraid news in brief
- Reconstructive surgery after female genital mutilation: a prospective cohort study
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