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Description Maitreya’s Words
- New Revelations, February 19th
- Never become an adult
- The Message of Elohim is a key to happiness
- Destroy every Goal, Target, Objective
News and Views
- 16-year-old sails around the globe
- Guiana and Falklands
- About Lybia
- Rael in support of closing US Bases in Okinawa
- Rael encourages the ‘wonderful’ population decrease
- Paulo Coehlo on Pirate Bay
- About CNN article “is Europe setting up clash between Muslims and the West?”
- About Syria
- Rael denounces censorship on Jewish Fanaticism
- Silent Famine Pandemic
- Scottish independence
- About the Raelian Movement Structure
Anarchiy and Geniocracy
- An essay by Daniel Chabot
Raelians in Action.
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