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Description Maitreya’s words
2 1st Sunday of April
2 About the Raelian Baptism
3 About the nuclear crisis in Japan
5 Fukushima is normal.
7 We don’t need governments
9 ‘The billions wasted in Libya would be more useful in Japan!’
10 About Compassion
11 About kindness
News and Views
13 Ilan Pappe New Honorary Guide
13 Norman Finkelstein Honorary Guide
14 Gerald Kaufman new Honorary Guide
14 Happiness Academy in Colombia
17 Congo - Giordano Bruno 
18 Lamane in Kenya
North America
18 US, God is a myth
19 Diffusion in Guyane
19 Raelian Mini Seminar in Puerto Rico
20 Another Legal victory in Canada
20 Italy, Clitoraid
21 Europe Winter Happiness Academy
22 Barcelona, Radio interview of Loona
23 Petra at X-factor
23 France. Kimbangu hunger strike
Middle East
25 Vagina Monologues in IsRael April 2011
A Zen monk
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