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Description Words of Maitreya
2 Clarification From RAEL About Slanders Related To The Book Of Jean Sendy
2 October 7th celebration in Tokyo
4 Japanese Seminar in Oiso... 3 exceptional days with Maitreya Rael!!
News and Views
6 A Letter by Betty A. Dodson, PhD
South America
6 Cartagena - Colombia 
North America
7 New National Guides
7 October 7, 64 in Toronto, Canada
8 Open Letter to Maitreya
9 Jean Francois has been reintegrated
10 Launching The First Mini Happiness Academy, Miami, Florida OCT. 10,11,12
11 A new site to share widely, the Internet site of the Embassy!
Australia, Nude Sculpture Clothed
An article to add in your ‘articles of the year’ folder....
13 Maitreya commented about its content as follows: “What is described here shows that we are getting closer to the end of the tests that are today badly measuring the effects to evaluate intelligence and the beginning of the measure of the causes in a proper electrochemical functionning of the brain, as described in the geniocraty.”
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