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Description ‘First Sunday of April celebration with our Beloved Prophet
2 300 people in Tokyo
4 In the city of illusion
8 Feedback from Larry
9 We... are the garden
News and Views
10 Is Richard Dawkins Raelian?
10 Rael refused in Valais.
11 Muslim nations should force U.N. to abandon Christian calendar
12 Film censorship by U.N. Secretary General
13 Switzerland deserves Guiness record for stupidity
13 About Telepresence,
13 Our support to Alfred Hrdlicka
14 Soutien Akina Mama Wa Africa,
14 Spirituality ‘linked to happy life’
14 Sakina meet artists in Switzerland
15 Burkina Faso- Culture week
16 A National Guide in El Salvador
16 Nominations in Asia as well…
16 Fisrt Sunday of April in Chicago
17 Diffusion in Slovakia
18 First Sunday of April in Quebec
18 and in China,
19 Seminar in the Middle East
20 Raelians gain momentum in India!!
21 ARAMIS Korea meets first lesbian candidate.
22 Aramis Las vegas
23 Raelian University Weekend in Holland
24 Clitoraid, Miami
25 Pink wave over Montreal
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